Now available for pre-order 2022 Limited Edition Unicorn Harness!

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All of our Haqihana harnesses & leashes are handcrafted and imported from Italy. They combine the inimitable Italian style with extraordinary comfort to give your dog nothing short of the best. The harnesses come in a host of sophisticated colors and different variations in sizes to guarantee your dog a good fit. The leashes are light yet strong, giving your dog the feeling of not being on a leash at all and yet giving you the safety you seek for your beloved pooch. Check out the video below to learn more about why a Haqihana harness is the best choice for your dog.


The Collarless Dog is here to help humans gain a better understanding of dogs, their language, and the research that has been done to keep us connected and on top of the dog world from a dog’s perspective. It is our mission to serve as a resource and inspiration to bring humans and dogs to a more harmonious place where understanding and bonding can come together easily. After all, a collarless dog is a free-spirited and happy dog!

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