The Collarless Dog came about from the need to educate people about dogs, their walking gear, and their needs in our busy human world where we often do not take the time to truly understand them. Dogs are so gracious and forgiving, making it easy to overlook what they are trying to tell us. The Collarless Dog is here to help humans gain a better understanding of dogs, their language, and the research that has been done to keep us connected and on top of the dog world from a dog’s perspective.

Grace Shen, originator of the Collarless Dog studied with Turid Rugaas in the first US training offered in the States. She has been a practicing human Physical Therapist for over two decades and knows the importance of comfortable equipment, whether it be shoes for humans or walking gear for dogs from a physical standpoint as well as for mental ease. Grace offers consultations for dog related issues, and has been studying canine nutrition for two decades as well so that she can consult with humans on a wide variety of holistic topics that affect our canines…food, chemical assaults such as vaccines, flea meds, etc.

Her hope is that the Collarless Dog will serve as a resource and inspiration to bring humans and dogs to a more harmonious place where understanding and bonding can come together easily. After all, a collarless dog is a free-spirited and happy dog!